40 things to do when you’re alone with a cold

  1. Wake up suffocating because your nose and throat have stopped functioning
  2. Realise that it’s 4:30 in the morning and shake off the feverish dream you had. You are NOT a space cowboy in real life
  3. Slowly fall back asleep only to wake up again two hours later with a headache
  4. Change sides on the bed and cover yourself in a blanket in the summer heat because you’re shivering now
  5. Finally give up on sleep at 10 am and make some tea
  6. Gorge on chocolate-chip cookies because they are your only true friend
  7. Close the windows an hour too late after realising that is the main reason you’re wrapped in two jackets
  8. Mindlessly surf the internet
  9. Realise that you have important things to do and try to work on them
  10. Give up after 5 minutes because ow brain
  11. Call your parent who lives very far away
  12. Dramatically whine to them about how unfair life is and that you’re dying (and also that you miss them, but cover it with a layer of complaints)
  13. Refuse to listen to their reasonable advice of taking cold medicine ’cause you’re lazy
  14. Hang up because they have actual work to do
  15. Call the other parent and repeat number 12
  16. Blink away the black spots that appear in front of your vision; you’re fine
  17. Listen to music
  18. Switch playlists far too often because you’re not in the “mood” to listen to every song that happens to come up randomly.
  19. Make yourself another cup of tea
  20. Try to read a book
  21. Fail at reading said book
  22. Attempt to cough the sickness out of your body
  23. Regret it immediately because everything hurts and the black spots have returned
  24. Eat something, making a face at the taste (or lack thereof) but finish it anyway
  25. Open the window
  26. Close it again; by the name of Vader’s left shoe it’s cold
  27. Decide to write a blog post about it while you’re still delirious so that no one can blame you for lack of content
  28. Project your life into the blog post to make it #relatable (hint: it’s not, actually)
  29. Make more tea
  30. Contemplate the feeling of being around loved ones that aren’t and feel bad about it
  31. Dock 10 Adulting points off while you’re at it ’cause you were supposed to be a strong independent woman damnit
  32. Finish your post
  33. Don’t proof-read it since that requires energy which has now been depleted from your entire existence
  34. Text your friends
  35. Stop halfway as typing needs life-fuel. Also: introvert
  36. Watch lifestyle-related shows and fantasize about your minimalistic, boho studio apartment one day
  37. Make tea
  38. Finally decide to take a warm shower and clean up your room full of discarded tissues and tea-bags
  39. Crawl into bed and fall asleep watching House Doctor on silent
  40. Startle awake at 4:30 am






6 thoughts on “40 things to do when you’re alone with a cold

  1. Try moving to a city where the climate is warm and cosy and humid and rainy and polluted and there are too many people, train loads of them, and auto-rickshaws and buses and cars and motorcycles and honking….. But then it’s nice to have friends and family around in the chaos.

    Come back home.

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